Organic. Creative. Full of Light.

Firefly Children's Center is a nature based, Waldorf inspired licensed child care and Preschool in Kalispell. We provide nurturing, connected infant care throught Pre-Kindergarten with creative hands on learning.

We focus on the social/emotional development of the child and believe children learn best through play. Through play, children are given opportunities to work and problem solve with their peers, express their feelings and learn from one another. While we are focusing on the social/emotional development, children are learning their shapes, colors, numbers and letters naturally through their environment throughout the day.

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Preschool Program

The preschool program is 9am-12pm Monday – Friday. Preschool only kids can do 2, 3, 4, or  5 days a week.   We also have a half day program from 9am-3pm.  The children that are attending Firefly for Child Care are automatically a part of the preschool program.  We do learning activities throughout the day, 9am-12pm is just the most structured portion of our Preschool time for those kids that do not need additional Child Care.

Infant Care

Your goal? To give your child the best possible start in life. Ours? To provide nuturing and connected infant care, in order for our children to be healthy, we need to instill resilience and creativity in early childhood.

Wholesome Care

We will provide a unique, mind, body, and soul approach to natural learning! Organic, whole foods, natural and wooden toys that encourage creativity. Baby sign language, spanish, music, art, yoga, meditation and more!

Summer Program

Our preschool program and child care runs year round. In the summer we ALSO offer a School Age Summer Program. School age children are at a separate location and do age appropriate activities on their own and are outside as much as possible.


If you are “checking us out”, I’m guessing that you are looking for something out of the ordinary for your child.  Firefly was created out of this desire to have something different than anything else in the valley.  As a counselor I assist people daily in dealing with the stress of everyday life.  I believe that daily situations are not the cause of stress, but rather our beliefs, emotions, and reactions to these situations.  Believing something is bad creates stress while looking for the positive teaches a lesson.  I feel that demonstrating to children how to deal with various life situations in this positive and healthy manner can counteract the effects of a stressful, unhealthy society.

Firefly Children’s Center is all about creative learning.  Instead of showing children the “way to do something”, children are encouraged to find multiple ways to do things.  This creates resilience and the knowledge that if something doesn’t work, we must try another way.  I was previously a teacher in the public school system and found that the majority of what was taught was through presenting a lesson that had one correct answer; this is called convergent learning. Our teaching is through divergent learning; creatively coming up with as many answers as a child can.  We can use the example of a child playing with a curved piece of wood as a toy; it can be a bridge, boat, cradle, car, basket, wood for a play fire, etc.; really anything the child can imagine it to be.

The Natural Choice

Organic products from Celadon Road will be used at the child care center and will be available for purchase by parents and the public.

They have a full line of affordable organic cleaning products, baby products, wooden children’s toys, dog products, body care for men and women, and recycled glass vases, carafes and glasses.


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Our infant daughter has been going to Firefly for three months. The teachers are very responsive to our questions and keep us updated about our daughter throughout the day on the Daily Connect phone app. We also love that Firefly is willing to do cloth diapers, and they get the kids (even the babies) outside often!

Caitlin O.

I love this place and what all the teachers and hard workers bring to it to make it such a positive part in my child's life! thank you so much!

Stephenie K.

My kids have gone to Firefly for almost a year now. I love that I have a place that I can trust to take care of my children, and that is more child based, no rules to make the adults more comfortable. Also, I'm noticing a huge difference in my daughter's food choices at home, she is starting to prefer veggies and over all healthy choices. I love that!

Mishael J.