- about us -

Our Mission

To provide a natural, loving, nurturing environment that inspires and supports the whole child.

To promote lifelong learning, acceptance of others, a love and respect for the Earth and nature, and to create a community of families that work together for the betterment of Firefly, Family, and Society.

How Firefly is Unique

  • We serve organic, natural, and whole foods three times per day.
  • We follow a nature based, Waldorf inspired Little Acorn curriculum.
  • Our teachers believe that learning is a hands-on and interactive approach.
  • There is a strong emphasis on development of emotional intelligence that teaches rather than punishes.
  • Our children learn by making choices.
  • We maintain a strong focus on each child’s individual gifts.
  • Our toys are made of natural materials such as wood, fabric, wool, etc.
  • We staff well educated, nurturing, and consistent teachers that create supportive relationships with the children.
  • Our large outdoor play area is utilized as much as weather permits.
  • Our 5,000-square foot building on two acres provides generous amount of room for creativity.
  • Firefly families are involved through volunteering consistently throughout the year.
  • Regular activities include yoga, music, art, movement, American Sign Language, and regular presentations from visitors.