Firefly Tuition Rates

In order to enroll in Firefly, interested parents should read the Parent’s Handbook to understand our philosophy and policies. If you are still interested, you can come and visit Firefly and meet with us to ensure that the center will be able to best meet the needs of that child and family.
Full Day 6 Hours or More

5 days per week – $925
Under 2 years of age – $1050
4 days per week – $775
Under 2 years of age – $875
3 days per week – $625
Under 2 years of age – $700
2 days per week – 450
Under 2 years of age – $525

Half Day 9:00am-3:00pm

(Toddler and Preschool only)
5 days per week – $825
4 days per week – $675
3 days per week – $550
2 days per week – $425

Annual Registration Fee

$100 for first child, $50 for second child, $150 max per family. The annual registration fee is non-refundable.

Best Beginnings Scholarship

As a state licensed child care center, we do accept the Best Beginnings scholarship. The Nurturing Center will not cover your deposit or registration fees. They also may not cover the entire amount charged by Firefly or days that your child may be absent. Contact the Nurturing Center to see what they cover for your child. Please note that you are responsible for paying your monthly copay and any amount that Best Beginnings does not cover.